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Scott Barnes PRO BRUSH
Scott Barnes PRO BRUSH
Scott Barnes PRO BRUSH
Scott Barnes PRO BRUSH

Scott Barnes Pro Brush #64 The Highlighter

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The Scott Barnes #64 brush is the dream blush, highlighter and contour applicator with a tapered tip for added precision over your standard oversize blush applicator


As one of Scott’s favourites, he uses multiple #64’s as he go-to for powder as well for the under and inner eye

The tightness of the highly packed tip allows for precision pressing and smudging, but the thicker base allows you to still get the fullness you are accustomed to with a blush brush.

Its densely packed and blended bristle type mimics squirrel hair, which is the best texture for the most efficient makeup pick up and lay down. The  Scott Barnes #64 is a great upgrade and modernization to your existing blush, highlighter or powder brush given the added precision and pressure effect when pushing into the face.

⭐️ Cruelty-Free, 100% Synthetic Fibers

⭐️ All wood handle

⭐️ Aluminium ferrule

⭐️ ‘Scott Barnes’ hot stamp

⭐️ Tapered Multiple Fiber textured rounded tip, squirrel hair

⭐️ No Shedding

⭐️ Does not change shape

⭐️ Clean with make-up brush cleanser

With the Scott Barnes #64 you can use it for applying and swirling blush, highlighter and powder. It's a great applicator for the under eye and inner eye in addition to the cheekbones.

This is the brush most PRO MUAs have multiples of because of its ability to maintain precision while covering a lot of facial real estate quickly. The Scott Barnes #64 Highlighter and Blush Brush is the workhorse of the fashion shoot environment.

How To Clean

⭐️ Wet the brush fibres with lukewarm water.

⭐️ Place a drop of makeup brush cleanser or soap into the palm of your hand or cleansing pad/mat.

⭐️ Gently massage the tips of the fibres in your palm or cleansing pad/mat.

⭐️ Rinse the fibres.

⭐️ Squeeze out excess moisture with a clean towel.

⭐️ Reshape the brush head to its original shape.

⭐️ Allow to air dry flat or pointed downwards so no water residue slips back into the ferrule.