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Scott Barnes PRO BRUSH
Scott Barnes PRO BRUSH
Scott Barnes PRO BRUSH
Scott Barnes PRO BRUSH

Scott Barnes Pro Brush #62 Eye Blender

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The Scott Barnes #62 is the sister to brush #61 which matches most people’s eye lid size


The #62 fits perfectly into most eyelid creases making it an incredibly addicting tool. Its shape mimics the highlight brush #64 but simply a smaller version of it. The shape helps allow for perfect blending ‘up and out’ with precision

This brush is often tokened “the brush” because of its popular all-around use for blending and application as well as its mysteriously soft bristles. When you hold the Scott Barnes #62, you might realize it very much resembles an actual paint brush and you the true artist.

⭐️ Cruelty-Free, 100% Synthetic Fibers

⭐️ All wood handle

⭐️ Aluminum ferrule

⭐️ ‘Scott Barnes’ hot stamp

⭐️ Tapered Paintbrush Tip

⭐️ No Shedding

⭐️ Does not change shape

⭐️ Clean with make-up brush cleanser

With the Scott Barnes #62 you can use it for blending and application of eyeshadow on eyelids and creases, along the nose and around eyes for contouring.

It’s great for any area that needs a little smudge as well. The Scott Barnes #62 Eye Blender Brush is the ultra-durable all around ‘go to’ for full face use.

How To Clean

⭐️ Wet the brush fibres with lukewarm water.

⭐️ Place a drop of makeup brush cleanser or soap into the palm of your hand or cleansing pad/mat.

⭐️ Gently massage the tips of the fibres in your palm or cleansing pad/mat.

⭐️ Rinse the fibres.

⭐️ Squeeze out excess moisture with a clean towel.

⭐️ Reshape the brush head to its original shape.

⭐️ Allow to air dry flat or pointed downwards so no water residue slips back into the ferrule.

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