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Rebeluna The Wishlist
Rebeluna X MuMe
Rebeluna The Wishlist
Rebeluna X MuMe

Rebeluna The Wishlist

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What more do you need for your makeup kit?


This set contains 5 award-winning, bestselling Rebeluna brushes, the much loved Pro Blending Sponge and our Image award-winning Rebeluna x MuMe Brush Cleansing Soap.

Rebeluna and MuMe have teamed up to produce a limited edition with essential oils: May Chang, Bergamot, Sweet Orange & Tangerine - it smells divine. It has all the great qualities of Mume's original solid makeup brush cleaner and a unique scent designed especially for Rebeluna.

The kaolin clay gently cleanses your make-up brushes while the goats milk keeps the bristles soft and suitable for sensitive skin. It's gentle enough to use daily without harming your brushes.

1 x R09
This round-topped kabuki brush has so many great uses from foundation to powder and more. Use to buff foundation seamlessly onto the skin, to apply loose or pressed powder, blush and bronzer. A fantastic multi-purpose brush. Synthetic.

1 x R08
The domed buffer is great for blending out concealer to give a flawless streak-free finish. Also great for blending cream contour and highlight products. Synthetic.

1 x R21
This small round top blender is perfect for precision shadow application and blending. Made from the highest quality natural hair it's exceptionally soft.

1 x R22
An essential in any makeup bag. This brush lays product onto the lid perfectly, reducing fall out. Made from the highest quality natural hair it's exceptionally soft.

1 x R25
This angled brush is perfect for filling in the brows. Use to create full defined brows or to draw fine hair strokes to give a more natural brow look. It's also a must-have for liner application! Who doesn't love a multi-purpose brush? Synthetic.

1 x Rebeluna Pro Blending Sponge
A beautifully soft sponge, perfect for creating a flawless airbrushed finish. A hugely versatile product which can be used to apply foundation, concealer, cream and liquid blush, highlight and contour. Use wet or dry to create a perfect finish. We recommend using the sponge damp for best application.

1 x Rebeluna x MuMe Brush/Sponge Cleansing Soap
A natural solid make-up brush cleanser that gently removes excess residue for a clean make-up application. 50g/1.76oz

⭐️ To ensure a long life for your brushes it’s essential to keep them clean. A daily make up cleaning spray will help prevent product build up in the bristles but it is still essential to deep clean your brushes regularly.

⭐️ Deep cleaning your brushes with a brush soap/shampoo will remove trapped dirt and make up from the brush hairs, help keep the hairs soft and extend the life of the brush.

⭐️ Take care when washing brushes as water damage is the number one cause of damage to bristles/brush heads or handles coming loose. It’s also important to never steep your brushes in water as this will loosen the glue holding the bristles in place. Never leave a brush to dry on a radiator or warm surface as this can cause the glue to loosen and the brush to come apart

To wash use antibacterial detergent or Rebeluna x Mume brush/sponge soap. Wet sponge, lather, rinse until water runs clear. Allow to air dry in an open space.

Sustainable Palm oil, Coconut oil, Aqua, Goats milk powder, Kaolin clay.

No nasty stuff just good quality natural ingredients.

Essential Oils:May Chang, Bergamot, Sweet Orange & Tangerine