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Oh K! 8 Step Regime Jelly Travel Size Face Mask Set

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Oh K! have taken our favourite formulas from their Korean beauty regime to create this range of hardworking beauty essentials


This Oh K! 8-step travel-friendly regime includes skin, hair and body care infused with hydrating aloe and cucumber extract to ensure you stay fresh on the move.

⭐️ Suitable for all skin types

⭐️ Antioxidant and hydrating

⭐️ Targets dull and dry skin

⭐️ Purifying/deeply cleansing

⭐️ Nourishing

⭐️ Aids skin defence/anti-pollution

⭐️ Key ingredients: Gold Jelly Mask, Rosehip Oil, Coconut Oil

⭐️ Paraben-free

⭐️ Cruelty-free

⭐️ Travel size

1 x Cleansing oil 15ml

1 x cleansing foam 15ml

1 x toner 15ml

1 x lotion 15ml

1 x Moisturiser 15ml

1 x body wash 10ml

1 x 2-in-1 shampoo 10ml

1 x fibre mask 23ml

⭐️ Cleansing oil - massage onto a dry face then rinse with warm water.

⭐️ Cleaning facial foam - wash face with cleaning foam, rinse with warm water.

⭐️ Toning serum - apply on clean face using a cotton pad.

⭐️ Fibre mask - remove the mask from the sachet and apply to the face for 15-20 minutes. Remove mask and massage excess essence into the skin, no need to rinse.

⭐️ Booster lotion - can be used along with or under moisturiser.