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KRYOLAN Eye Brow Stencils

Kryolan Eye Brow Stencils

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Need your eyebrows on fleek? Easy peasy with Kryolan Brow Stencils!


Create perfect eyebrows with reusable stencils. 2 different sets of Kryolan Eyebrow Stencils with 3 different designs per set make an individual style possible.

To fill in brows place the stencil horizontally over the brows and dust on a brow powder or fill in with an eyebrow pencil or pomade. When you remove the stencil you will be left with a perfect brow shape.

To shape the brows take the Eyebrow Stencil and place it horizontally on the eyebrows. Take a white pencil, apply it over the eyebrows and make sure that all the exposed eyebrow hairs are covered with white colour. The white coloured hairs stay and the leftover needs to be tweezed or waxed. For a perfect finish remove the remaining make-up

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