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ghd Tail Comb

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The GHD Tail Comb is perfect for sectioning, backcombing and intricate styling


The fine-toothed design and anti-static properties make this comb perfect for intricate styling.

Best for: Backcombing; sectioning hair for blow-drying; precision styling; tucking in rogue hairs in updos.  

⭐️ Ideal for damage-free backcombing, sectioning and precision styling with anti static fine-toothed design.

⭐️ Narrow tapered handle for precise sectioning.

⭐️ Professional quality, heat resistant design for use with heated styling tools.

For damage-free backcombing (that’s also easy to brush out), take a small section of hair and hold it away from the head. Place the comb in the section a few centimetres away from the root. Push the comb down the hair, against the direction of growth, in two short strokes, stopping short of the roots. For the third stroke, push back right to the roots. Continue with this three-stroke method on every section you need to backcomb.

Use the tail end, not the teeth, to create the most accurate sections in your hair when styling.

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