FACE atelier #9 Blender Brush
FACE atelier #9 Blender Brush

FACE atelier #9 Blender Brush

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FACE atelier #9 Blender Brush is the 'mistake proof' brush for creating perfect smokey eyes 

Just close your eyes, and put this perfectly shaped brush into the crease of your eye. Then open and use a window-wiper motion to apply the perfectly blended crease. Slightly larger and fuller than the #8 Crease Brush, it’s a fluffy bush with natural fibres that’s ideal for blending and shading.

PRO Tips
  • The key purpose of the blender brush is to ensure that there’s a soft, seamless transition from one shade to another.
  • This is an extremely user-friendly brush, and a smart choice if you’re not ready for the smaller #8 Crease Brush It’s more forgiving when applying darker crease shades.
  • Keep one of these brushes free of product for extra blending when finished the look

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