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CMB Magic Makeup Sponge

CMB Magic Makeup Sponge

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Once you’ve used this you will seriously wonder where it’s been all your life 


...there will be no more need for hundreds of brushes, this is a game-changer as well as a lifesaver if you are in a hurry or travelling light.

Though it’s magic and will instantly remove powder from your brushes it does not sterilise them so brushes will still need to be washed, this is a great tool for a quick fix in between. 

⭐️ Brush Cleaner

⭐️ Instantly removes powder colour from brushes without water or any chemical solutions

⭐️ Use one brush for multiple different colours

⭐️ Easily switch between colours without having to use liquid or wait on brush to dry

⭐️ Both sides or sponge are useable

Swirl makeup brush in circular motions against the sponge to remove colour and you are immediately ready to use next colour

To clean & disinfect the sponge for reuse, simply run under hot soapy water and lay flat to air dry.

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