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Beauty Works X Molly Mae Curl Kit

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This Limited Edition collaboration with Molly-Mae contains the Beauty Works Professional Styler in limited edition Pink.


Complete with ten pin curl clips to prep and set waves. Finish your waves with the white paddle brush, designed specifically for hair extensions and longer hair types.

Create Hollywood-inspired waves or flowing, bouncy curls with the Beauty Works Professional Styler, a ceramic curling wand with an extra-long barrel, specially designed for long hair equally curling locks from root to tip.

The long barrel is coated in ceramic to help seal the cuticle, prevent frizz and enhance shine, and its longer length ensures even the very end of the hair is heated to create effortlessly balanced curls. With an adjustable temperature (80-220°C), the hair curler will create loose, flowing curls, or tight, bouncy coils.

    ⭐️ Barrel width is 32mm

    ⭐️ Barrel width is 32mm

    ⭐️ Barrel length is 18.5cm

    ⭐️ Adjustable temperature (80-220°C)

    ⭐️ UK electrical plug.

    Beauty Works Professional Styler in Molly-Mae limited edition pink, ten pin curl clips, oval paddle brush, protective glove and carry case.

    ⭐️ Remember to set and prep the hair with the ten curl kit clips provided and dress out with the oval-shaped paddle brush.

    ⭐️ To achieve dreamy, waves, you’ll need to first prep your mane, spritz some heat protection spray evenly throughout the hair.

    ⭐️ Beginning at one side of your head (at eyebrow-height), take one section at a time and wrap around the barrel, away from your face.

    ⭐️ Hold in place for a couple of seconds. Remember - the tightness of the curl depends on the width and thickness of your sections.

    ⭐️ Continue curling, alternating in opposite directions, again holding for a couple of seconds.

    ⭐️ Repeat process throughout the whole head.

    ⭐️ Once you have curled all of your tresses, it’s time to set your hair with your favourite styling products, use a soft hair spray or texturising spray to hold the style.

    ⭐️ Depending on the finish you want, allow your waves to cool and gently use your fingers to separate.

    Curl the hair away from your face for the first few sections on each side, then begin alternating the curl in opposite directions. This adds more texture and makes the style more effortless.

    Taking smaller sections will create a tighter curl pattern, and larger sections will create a looser curl pattern. Experiment with the size of your sections until you find the perfect curl size for you!

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