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Beauty Works Jumbo Waver

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Create big, beachy waves with the 32mm gold Beauty Works Jumbo Waver.


Make waves for days with the Jumbo Waver, featuring a 32mm triple barrel design to create smooth, fuss-free waves - simply clamp, hold and release.

The Jumbo Waver is designed with three, extra-large barrels to give you the ultimate crease-free waves in seconds. Whether you have medium, long or short hair, creating large, luxe waves at home is a breeze.

Suitable for all hair types, the adjustable temperature feature means you can heat control your styler to suit your hair’s needs.

⭐️ Ceramic Coating: Ceramic coated barrels seal the cuticle to enhance shine and eliminate frizz, whilst protecting your hair.

⭐️ Temperature Control: 80-220°C. Adjust temperature control for consistent, healthy results to suit every hair type.

⭐️ Advanced Heat Speed: Heat up and deliver smooth waves within 60 seconds.

⭐️ 32mm Triple Barrel: This XL three barrel waver makes styling super-fast and transforms your hair for instant big, bouncy mermaid waves.

⭐️ Complete with a heat resistant mat.

⭐️ Style safely at home. Multi-voltage - Use worldwide with universal voltage.

⭐️ UK electrical plug.

1. Long lasting waves are all in the prep! Before you start styling, make sure you use Heat Protection Spray, to spritz throughout your mane. This will protect your hair from heat damage and ensure your waves hold for longer.

2. Taking small sections of the hair at a time, clamp the tool near the root (you can decide how hig`h up you want the curl to start).

3. Hold for up to 10 seconds depending on how defined you want the curl to be, then release.

4. Move the tool further down the same section and clamp again until it’s all waved.

5. Continue this process on your entire head, until you have a wavy, tousled texture.

6. Once you have curled all of your tresses, it’s time to give them that undone, beachy vibe! So grab a Beach Wave Comb and comb through your strands to loosen them. A wide toothed comb is essential for styling your waves, to keep your waves frizz-free.

7. Add definition to your waves with our Anti-Frizz Serum or Argan Serum and add a high shine texture with our Dry Oil Spray.

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