StylPro Stylsmile The Ultimate teeth Whitening Kit

StylPro Stylsmile The Ultimate teeth Whitening Kit

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Teeth whitening kit by StylPro


StylPro Stylsmile The Ultimate teeth Whitening Kit targets all three causes of tooth discolouration and reducing stains.

Gentle and effective combination of Phthalimido-peroxy-caproic acid and fluoride whitens teeth in three ways.

Includes a toothbrush and toothpaste for daily use, sonic vibrations work to tackle stains on the surface of the tooth. Fluoride particles renew and remineralise tooth enamel while keeping your mouth clean and healthy. Includes a blue light accelerator.

Also includes a blue light accelerator, silicone mouth tray and three PAP whitening gel syringes. The blue-light energises and accelerates the PAP whitening process, helping it to reach the dentine layer and neutralise the stains.

Lightens teeth by at least two shades in up to one week

Non-peroxide, non-sensitive, non-UV

1 x Sonic rechargeable toothbrush with travel cap

1 x Replacement toothbrush head

1 x USB charging lead

1 x PAPtech toothpaste: 75ml

1 x LED accelerator tray with batteries

1 x Silicone mouth tray

3 x Whitening gel syringes: 3ml

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