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Scarecrow Love Bites Deluxe Custom Fangs

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The Original Scarecrow Vampire Fangs - are designed for people with smaller teeth, or those looking for a subtler look


They may fit either canines and/or incisors or bottom teeth.

Fast, easy, comfortable, and totally realistic. Natural colour fang caps are shiny, rigid and beautifully contoured to look great in any mouth. Come with adhesive.

Scarecrow Vampire Fangs give you the best hi-definition quality realism that professional TV & film make-up artists, actors and stage performers depend on. As seen on CSI: Las Vegas, America's Next Top Model, Dancing with the Stars, and many more.

On-the-spot customizing is fast, easy, and only needs to be done once. Everything you need is included, no boiling water is necessary. Once customized, fangs fit with a unique mould of your tooth inside that allows you to snap them on or off, quickly and easily (no thermoplastic partial plate around adjacent teeth).

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