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Inglot X Maura Shimmering Sol Skin & Eye Set

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Take Gifting to the next level of luxury this Christmas with this Shimmering Skin & Eye Set from Inglot X Maura


Bathe in the beauty of the Orients with a nude and velvety Eyeshadow Palette made by the makeup angels! Luxuriate yourself in a radiant and naturally sunkissed Bronze and Blush Palette and indulge your skin in the soft glow of Inglot’s bestselling, lusciously golden cream highlighter.

Oriental Lily Palette which features three divine, dazzling shimmering hues and three deep rich and warm tones. Bask in the Glow Skin Duo in Sunrise which features a radiant Bronzer and a diamond pink Blusher.  Luminous Sands Cream Highlighter in tanned and creamy shade Golden Sands.

1 x Bask In The Glow Palette

1 x Oriental Lilly Palette

1 x Luminous Sands Highlighter