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7DAYS Hydrogel Eye Mask Gift Set
Model holding 7DAYS Hydrogel Eye Masks
7DAYS Hydrogel Eye Mask Gift Set
Model holding 7DAYS Hydrogel Eye Masks

7Days Hydrogel Eye Patch Gift Set 17.5g

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Set of 7 Hydrogel under-eye gel patches to brighten and treat those peepers, from Korean skincare brand, 7DAYS.


With 1 FREE set of gel patches.

These gel patches compliment your #BeautyWeek perfectly. Loaded with natural yet scientifically-proven-to-work ingredients such as Collagen, Kaolin, Jasmine, Vitamin B3, Hyaluronic Acid and Strawberry extract. 

7 x Hydrogel under-eye patches plus 1 FREE

⭐️ Dynamic Monday - detoxes and moisturises after a lond=g day at work. Includes Kaolin and Rice extract.

⭐️ Cheerful Tuesday - infused with Collagen and Banana extract to moisturise and tone.

⭐️ Easy Wednesday - revitalise and recharges mid-week, with Allantoin and Jasmin extract.

⭐️ Active Thursday - infused with super ingredients Panthenol and Blueberry extract to moisturise and tone.

⭐️ Blazing Friday - targets dark circles and hydrates, contains Hyaluronic Acid and Strawberry extract.

⭐️ Romantic Saturday - Vitamin B3 and Mandarin nourishes and energises, just in time for the weekend.

⭐️ Perfect Sunday - reduces puffiness and moisturises, infused with Laminaria and Lotus extracts.

Apply patches to thoroughly cleansed under-eye skin, with the sharp end towards the nose. Can be removed after 20 - 30 minutes. Rinse afterwards.